Shipping Labels

Tackle all of your package shipping challenges with a wide assortment of direct thermal shipping labels from Seiko Instruments. Options include clear, opaque, and removable labels. Cost-effective bulk rolls of shipping labels can also be used with a Smart Label Tray to handle higher volume shipping requirements.

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Labels per RollRolls per BoxDimensionsPriceBuy Now
Bulk Shipping Labels – SLP-SRLB9001W: 2 1/8″ H: 4″$56.25Add to Cart
Clear Shipping Labels – SLP-SRLC2201W: 2 1/8″ H: 4″$56.08Add to Cart
Removable Shipping Labels – SLP-RSRL2201W: 2 1/8″ H: 4″$24.63Add to Cart
Shipping Labels – SLP-SRL2201W: 2 1/8″ H: 4″$21.23*Add to Cart
* Bulk discount rates available.